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My pursuit for spiritual understanding started in my early 20's. By 30 I became more ernest in my need to answer questions like; who am I, why am I here and what's life really about. I am from Cornwall, UK now living in Sydney Australia. I come from a corporate background and I am blessed with a son who arrived at the age of 40. This Blog is about my personal experiences, observations and thoughts on what it means to be Spiritual and live in a big city in the 21st Century.

Lots of Love, Laverne



The Beyond Doorways® Level 1 Workshop is ideal for professionals and individuals going through a spiritual awakening and looking for an alternative approach to learning, how to help you maintain general health and wellbeing in a busy life. The procedures are a great introduction to Transference Healing.   On a therapeutic level, these procedures will support you to experience a rapid feeling of renewed energy and inner peace from a hectic day. As well as rebalance, feel centered and maintain a positive sense of self. This one-day workshop gives you practical tools that will make the difference in your daily life; supporting resilience, clarity, focus and a feeling of general balance and inner harmony.

BEYOND DOORWAYS® – Level 1 Workshop


The Beyond Doorways® workshops enable you to work with and understand the unique alchemy teachings and procedures that are used within the Fundamentals procedures and can also be found in the Beyond Doorways book written by Alexis Cartwright.

1 Day Workshop:  AUD$ 700.00

Workshop Includes; Workshop Manuel, 2 templates, and the Beyond Doorways® Lightbody Essence Kit.  (15 essences)

Level 1Beyond Doorways® will teach you 17 procedures from the Fundamentals procedures, taught as part of the foundational training within Transference Healing®.  Are you feeling stuck, do you find it hard to let go of events that have a negative impact on you, do you find it hard to hold your sense of self in challenging situations?  Would you like to learn how to disconnect from energy plays and remain connected with people positively, feel clear and maintain inner harmony despite what is going on around you.

The procedures taught in this one day workshop can work well within a corporate environment and will support you hold your sense of self in a tough situations/meetings/ days.  Disconnect from energy plays.  feel clear in yourself and disconnect from energy plays so that you can connect with people positively.

BEYOND DOORWAYS® – Level 2 Workshop

Level 2 – The Beyond Doorways® workshop works more in-depth with the concepts of Transference Healing® and fundamental gridding techniques based on the Mystery School teachings.

1 Day Workshop: AUD $700.00 * contact Laverne to confirm additional workshop dates.

Workshop Includes; Workshop Manual, two clear quartz wands, a Lemurian Time Wand, a small crystal skull, the Crystal Star Gate Griding kit  (contains template and gridding crystals)

Beyond Doorways® Level 1 and Level 2 workshops are supported by the Beyond Doorways® book and aims to solidify, explain and teach the procedures firsthand. The Beyond Doorways® workshops provide good insight into the essence of Transference Healing® if you are thinking about learning the Fundamentals training or going onto Advanced Level training to become a Transference Healing Practitioner.

For Further information concerning Beyond Doorway® Workshops please contact Laverne.

Beyond Doorways – Next Workshop will be Held:

Day/ Date Time Session Venue Price
 Bookings on  demand 2020 9.30 – 4.00pm Level 1

Level 2

Seaforth OR Sydney CBD $700.00


 6th MAR 2021 & 7th MAR 2021 9.30- 4.00pm Level 1

Level 2

Seaforth OR Sydney CBD $700.00


BOOK Resit Per day/level $240.00

CHILD OF LIGHT – 1 Day Workshop

img02 The Child of Light workshop is an amazing workshop to support parents that understand the unique qualities of the children of the new millennium. It teaches an accumulation of techniques to aid these special children, supporting them to anchor in their crystalline grid template.  These templating procedures help these children to sustain the frequency necessary to allow them to continue to evolve within a more heightened 5th dimensional level of personal and spiritual growth/awareness, and holographic reality. The procedures can also be run on adults in order to go deeper within their etheric body to clear a deeper level of inner child pain.

1 Day workshop – $700 * Contact Laverne to confirm additional workshop dates.

Workshop price Includes Workshop Manual, two templates, platonic solids crystal set, and clear quartz crystal.

Child Of Light – Next Workshop will be held:

Day/Date Time Session Venue Price
Bookings on Demand 9.30am- 4pm Child Of Light Seaforth Or Sydney CBD $700.00
Book Resit $240.00

ANIMAL MAGIC – 1 Day Workshop


The Animal Magic Workshop is a fun magical workshop designed to work in conjunction with the Animal Magic Cards channeled by Alexis Cartwright

This powerful workshop enables you to work with the Animal Magic Deck of divination cards, to find your mythical totem animal and learn to work with the Elemental Kingdoms.

1 Day Workshop $700.00 * contact Laverne to confirm additional workshop dates.

Workshop includes:  Workshop Manual,  Animal Magic Bag, containing 13  gridding crystals, a selenite wand, and sage.

Note:  A pre-requisite is the purchase of the Animal Magic Book and Cards, which will be worked with during the workshop.

Animal Magic – Next Workshop will be held:

Day/Date Time Session Venue Price
 Bookings on Demand 9.30am – 4.00pm Animal Magic Seaforth OR Sydney CBD $700.00
Book Resit $240.00



“I found the Child Of Light Workshop incorporates extremely practical exercises. Coming from a teaching background I found the training and the environment a safe and peaceful place to learn.” – Suzi – Teacher   READ MORE