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My pursuit for spiritual understanding started in my early 20's. By 30 I became more ernest in my need to answer questions like; who am I, why am I here and what's life really about. I am from Cornwall, UK now living in Sydney Australia. I come from a corporate background and I am blessed with a son who arrived at the age of 40. This Blog is about my personal experiences, observations and thoughts on what it means to be Spiritual and live in a big city in the 21st Century.

Lots of Love, Laverne


The Practical Meditation sessions online – COMING SOON!!!

  • Offering a variety of meditation experiences
  • Short meditations for the busy professional
  • Practical Meditations to address life issues


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“Meditation increases spiritual vitality to assist in developing warm heartedness and protection from negativity and fearful states of the mind, which is the cause of stress, anxiety and tension. The practise of meditation will remove undesirable old habits, improve self confidence, whilst bringing a touch of dignity and sacredness to your life. Consistent practise of meditation and personal development through the practise of meditation provides insights into the nature of all phenomenon. Meditation helps to develop wisdom, compassion and peaceful states of mind.” Lama Tendar


“I really had no idea what to expect. I am really glad and fortunate that I had the opportunity to participate.” Tess – Mother of two” READ MORE