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My pursuit for spiritual understanding started in my early 20's. By 30 I became more ernest in my need to answer questions like; who am I, why am I here and what's life really about. I am from Cornwall, UK now living in Sydney Australia. I come from a corporate background and I am blessed with a son who arrived at the age of 40. This Blog is about my personal experiences, observations and thoughts on what it means to be Spiritual and live in a big city in the 21st Century.

Lots of Love, Laverne



The Fundamentals Workshop provides a comprehensive level of frequency healing procedures and tools.   The procedures taught within the Fundamentals Workshop not only provide you with tools to support you in your day to day life but will provide you with more of an alchemical healing process.  For those of you looking to create a more rapid spiritual ascension, the Fundamentals Workshop will provide you with a structured foundation to learn more about Self-Mastery and mastering in the self.



This  workshop is sometimes run in Three days with a small group.  (4 days  if a large Group). This workshop will teach you the extensive alchemy procedures of the Transference Healing® modality, and allows you to experience this profound and life-changing frequency on a deeper level.  The Fundamentals training is the first step on the path for those interested in becoming an Accredited Transference Healing® Practitioner.

3 or 4 Day Workshop:  $2250.00

Workshop price includes; Manual, practitioner templates and a healing record template, The Lightbody Essence Kit with 77 mother tincture essences, Lightbody crystal essences book Fundamentals Training Certificate and Graduates Presentation CD.

Transference Healing® Fundamental Training – Next Workshop will be held:

Day/Date Time Session Venue Price
WED 4th – FRI 6th March 2016 9.30am- 4pm Fundamentals Seaforth OR Sydney CBD $2,250.00
WED 5th -FRI 7th June  2016 9.30am- 4pm Fundamentals Seaforth OR Sydney CBD $2,250.00


NOTE: If you cannot make the dates for a particular workshop you are interested in, contact Laverne to confirm alternative dates.


“Laverne’s presence, loving kindness and wisdom are beautifully reflected through her as she embraces you. She is a wonderful healer and teacher who is dedicated to assisting you in your life process. Her knowledge, intuition and attention to detail abound.” – Helena Pure Temple Australia   READ MORE