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My pursuit for spiritual understanding started in my early 20's. By 30 I became more ernest in my need to answer questions like; who am I, why am I here and what's life really about. I am from Cornwall, UK now living in Sydney Australia. I come from a corporate background and I am blessed with a son who arrived at the age of 40. This Blog is about my personal experiences, observations and thoughts on what it means to be Spiritual and live in a big city in the 21st Century.

Lots of Love, Laverne


At a glance

Transference Healing® will support you to sustain consistent levels of health and wellbeing, providing you with the tools to resource and re-energise yourself, letting go of past days events and bringing yourself back into your centre, feeling inner peace and harmony. It will support you to work through anything that is creating disharmony in your life, it is spiritual in essence and can be applied in day to day life. No matter what your level of spiritual knowledge, Transference Healing®, will work for you,  you just need to be open and receptive.


What is Transference Healing®

Transference Healing® is first and foremost a high-frequency ascension modality, that taps into aspects of many ancient techniques that are spiritual in essence. It is a unique and advanced approach to self-healing and creates an acceleration in your personal growth. Transference Healing® technology is alchemical in nature, creating transference shifts in the body and personal transformation in your life.  It will support you day-to-day on a practical level, by giving you the tools to work through circumstances and events that play out in your life; it will re-energise you and provide you with the tools to create a greater state of balance and inner harmony. It will support the clearing of old emotions or patterns, conscious and unconscious restrictions or limitations, or if you simply are looking to work through / gain clarity on something,  feeling stuck and need to create positive change in an area of your life.

Working with Transference Healing® empowers you to go through a natural energetic self-healing process.  Allowing the unconscious mind to transmute negative inbuilt memory-based pain and ultimately allows clear consciousness to flow through.  The etheric (energetic) body is controlled by thought and through clearing memory-based pain from your cellular makeup and the subconscious mind, healing can occur.

Transference Healing® works to help clear subliminal weaknesses and patterns in the body.  It creates a deep energetic healing response that consequently begins to release and heal genetic blocks or painful memories stored within the etheric body and the DNA.  It will support the healing of the emotions and mental stresses in your daily life as well as supporting physical balance and spiritual growth. Transference Healing® helps to support you to know thyself, embody more inner peace and wellness whilst gaining greater insight about your own divine and inner nature to see the reason behind circumstances that are playing out in your life

Transference Healing® incorporates many energetic procedures, templates, and essences working with a very pure and high frequency. It works from the subtle level of the body; tapping into the etheric level of the human functioning tuning into the electromagnetic, vibrational plane and chakra system Down to the physical/etheric level tuning into the sub-atomic cellular level,  the DNA and genetic level of the body. Procedures Support the glandular system, the organs, the Central Nervous System and structural level of the physical body, whilst clearing conscious and unconscious emotional pain providing comprehensive multi-dimensional healing.

Ascension is a process you go through to evolve as a human. Evolution, on a fundamental level, is a developmental process of progress and growth, creating transformation. Transference Healing® teaches you to know yourself through self-awareness and receiving frequency healing. A consultation creates clarity and supports you in day-to-day life. You get clear by making your realisations, and empowering yourself to use what’s relevant for you during a beautiful, energetic balance and realignment. The more balance you create in yourself, the more your external life flows!” Laverne

So what is it you do?

Laverne creates a safe and private environment for anyone who is looking to work on a goal.   At the first meeting, the client sets out what they are looking to achieve from the session if they are clear on this. This may simply be to increase energy levels or it can be something very specific that they haven’t been able to fix for themselves.  Often a client isn’t clear on what it is they want to achieve and just want to experience the frequency. By the end of a session, they receive clarity, or come to a number of realisations privately during the session or shortly after the session.

Laverne works in a way that creates a comfortable space and operates in a way that is completely open and non-judgemental allowing you to relax and either just receive the frequency healing or open up as much as you feel comfortable with. Laverne works with all kinds of issues or goals.

When Laverne works with frequency she is intuitively working on the etheric level of the body clearing energetic blocks and distortions.  This is a completely painless process where the body is not touched at any time. Clients often express feeling very relaxed and at peace during the process and on leaving the session they express that they feel lighter, more energised and clearer in themselves.

Transference Healing® may seem a little offbeat for professionals with little or no spiritual background, but through working with professionals who have given Transference Healing® ago, there are common themes  that all professionals have experienced for themselves and  include;

1. They start to de-clutter and let go of things that no longer serve them

2. They get clear on what they need to do in an area of their life

3. They show signs are far more peace

4. For some, it’s about moving forward on a professional level

5. For others, it’s about sorting out something on a personal level

6. They create positive change in an area of their life

7. They empower themselves and have confidence in their own ability

8. They become more connected with themselves (which is spiritual in essence) on all levels

9. They start to live their life with more purpose

  • For one client this translated to the clearing of writers block and the ability to get their book published.
  • For another professional, it gave them clarity and the internal resources to work through a difficult personal relationship that naturally was affecting their work.
  • For another professional, who had lost confidence in their own ability, they regained enough confidence and internal resources to find a new job, they moved from an unhealthy working environment to a new company and was recognised for their skills and contribution and got a pay rise to boot!

Laverne is a certified Facilitator, and Level 4 Mystery School Graduate for Transference Healing®, offering one on one sessions and teaches a number of workshop programs for people who are interested in learning an alternative approach to achieving personal transformation and holistic wellness that then ripples out into all aspects of their life.

Contact Laverne for more information.

Examples of what Transference Healing® can assist with:

Transference Healing® can assist in providing clarity around something that is bothering you that is playing out in your life; whether in your personal or professional environment. It will assist with self-awareness, self-confidence and building self-worth

Physical symptoms that are becoming more common:

Respiratory issues, tightness of the lungs, asthma,
Flu like symptoms, hay fever, colds.
Inflammation or aching of the bones and joints
Symptomatic pain especially through the back and vertebrae
Headaches or Migraines
Immune and lymphatic system changes
Dizziness, ringing in the ears, co-ordination imbalances
Heart palpitations or hypersensitivity
Lack of circulation, loss of muscular power
Fatigue, physical depletion
Hormonal imbalances
Skin irritations
Mood swings and bouts of short-term depression
Depression/ Anxiety/Stress
Feelings of an intense fear of separation and loss
Dreams, odd sleep patterns, night sweats
Emotional blocks
Feelings of limitation, restriction and unbalance

Healing techniques and tools utilised in Transference Healing®  include:

Electromagnetic and magnetic frequencies
Colour and Sound
The elements (earth, air, fire, water, ether) and related symbols
Alchemy and alchemy symbols
Templates, Ascended Masters and Rays
Shamanic healing
Crystal frequencies, platonic solids, skulls and wands
Stellar, cosmic and inter-dimensional frequencies
Gridding procedures
Vibrational essences
Lemurian and Atlantean technologies
Lightbody and Merkaba technologies
Mystery School teachings

Transference Healing® Questions and Answers

“I am from Cornwall in the UK and was blessed with a son at the age of forty. Experiences in my life have helped me understand how Transference Healing® has and continues to play a role in understanding myself, knowing myself and healing myself. On a day to day level Transference Healing® gives me the tools to bring myself into balance emotionally and physically and has given me the insights to how to deal with situations as they arise in my life.  So whilst Transference Healing® has nurtured my spiritual growth, it has supported me during my busy corporate life, motherhood and is supporting me to achieve the next phase of my professional career. It has enabled me to support myself, my child and my family by giving me the tools to bring us back into balance when we get impacted by the day to day dynamics of a busy of life “. Laverne


“ For me, my experience with Transference Healing® is an inner journey from one insight to another insight in which helpful realisations come into place as I become ready to receive them” – Suzi    READ MORE

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