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My pursuit for spiritual understanding started in my early 20's. By 30 I became more ernest in my need to answer questions like; who am I, why am I here and what's life really about. I am from Cornwall, UK now living in Sydney Australia. I come from a corporate background and I am blessed with a son who arrived at the age of 40. This Blog is about my personal experiences, observations and thoughts on what it means to be Spiritual and live in a big city in the 21st Century.

Lots of Love, Laverne


Programs For Individuals

One on One Transference Healing Sessions

“ For me, my experience with Transference Healing® is an inner journey from one insight to another insight in which helpful realisations come into place as I become ready to receive them” – Suzi

“I was suffering from anxiety. Transference Healing® enabled me to get clear on why I was getting anxious and suffering from depression type symptoms. I was able to take control and clear the symptom’s”  – Rachel

“I was going through a particularly challenging period in my life.  I found Transference Healing a truly healing experience which supported me to make realisations and get clear around the changes I needed to make” – Sharon – Consultant

“Toilet training my three year old was a challenge for several months. He would not do his number 2 in the toilet. It dawned on me that I should run the Transference Healing® procedure setting the intent to clear his emotional/mental block around this issue. After two sessions the problem disappeared!” – Sophie

“ You need to experience it as the energy speaks for itself:” –  Clare – UK


Transference Healing Workshops

Beyond Doorways Workshop

“The Beyond Doorways Workshop incorporates extremely practical exercises that I now use in my personal and professional environment.  The procedures work!” – Rachel – Accountant

Child of Light Workshop

“Laverne’s presence, loving kindness and wisdom are beautifully reflected through her as she embraces you.  She is a wonderful healer and teacher who is dedicated to assisting you in your life process.  Her knowledge, intuition and attention to detail abound.” – Helena – Pure Temple Australia

“I found the Child Of Light Workshop incorporates extremely practical exercises. Coming from a teaching background I found the training and the environment a safe and peaceful place to learn.” – Suzi – Teacher


“ The Fundamentals workshop is huge! You learn to appreciate why the procedures are so relevant to our current times. The Fundamentals training exceeded my expectation.” – Business Owner  – Health and Wellbeing Industry


Practical Meditation

“I really had no idea what to expect.  I am really glad and fortunate that I had the opportunity to participate.”  Tess – Mother of two

“The opportunity to learn about and practise different styles of Meditation, centering techniques, affirmations and creative visualisation is very powerful and the philosophy behind the practise of meditation was all new information and learning.”   Sue – Not for Profit Organisation

“Laverne covers creative visualisation and affirmation techniques brilliantly and she underlined for me how successful these techniques can be when we apply them following basic principles”. Joanne- Sales Manager, Mother of three


Programs for Organizations

Corporate Wellbeing Programs

” Every week I learnt something new – one of the most important things I learnt was to test the theory week to week and to put the theory into practise. It Worked! ” Comment from  – Psychology Professional

” I found the techniques taught over the weeks to be simple, extremely useful and enlightening. Testing the Theory from each week’s session stood the test. ” Comment from – CEO – Sales Consulting Company

” I looked forward to each weeks session.  Each week reinforces bringing yourself into the present moment – this principle, has proven to be the technique that has had the most positive impact on how I approach my daily life and achieve professional and personal goals ” Comment from – Aged Health Carer

” Laverne is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and shares her personal stories and experiences, thus making content much more interesting and relevant.”  “ I found that I was re-energised after leaving the session each week – and in a better place to have a great interview scheduled shortly after ” Comment from – Senior Business Consultant