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My pursuit for spiritual understanding started in my early 20's. By 30 I became more ernest in my need to answer questions like; who am I, why am I here and what's life really about. I am from Cornwall, UK now living in Sydney Australia. I come from a corporate background and I am blessed with a son who arrived at the age of 40. This Blog is about my personal experiences, observations and thoughts on what it means to be Spiritual and live in a big city in the 21st Century.

Lots of Love, Laverne



“Faith in yourself, in others and the world at large through kindness and compassion is the only way to arrive at a point of unification. This can only be achieved through mindful self-awareness and determination to be your best self and with humility choose the role you want to play in all aspects of life.”

Laverne Proctor

Laverne is the Principal of Chiron Spectra and comes from a  corporate background with 27 plus years in IT&T Sales & Marketing and Sales Management. During her  professional career, in her spare time she pursued her studies in alternative approaches to personal transformation and general wellbeing. Her underlining goal was to master more in her day to day life; achieve greater flow, renewed energy, resilience, inner peace and fulfilment and a sense of purpose in her personal and professional pursuits.

Laverne’s professional background has many dimensions beyond her corporate experience. Laverne is an accredited Teacher and Practitioner of Transference Healing® of 12+ years. She has studied two years of Holistic Kinesiology at the School of Complementary Medicine, Practical Philosophy at the School of Philosophy, she has a Certificate of Advanced Achievement in Parapsychology from The Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology and is university educated.

With 28 years experience in meditation and relaxation techniques and 18+ years experience with energetic & metaphysical principles. Laverne has the depth of knowledge, skills and practised experience to work with individuals, who are keen to learn practical ways to achieve positive transformative change in any area of their life.

If you are an individual looking to change something that is no longer working for you, and you are interested in learning Mindfulness Meditation and Frequency Healing techniques to empower yourself to self-manage your health and wellbeing, then It’s time to look at Chiron Spectra.